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Conversion Paths

Weave Conversion utility downloads:
   ExportWeaves 1.0.4
   Convert EAT Weaves 1.02
   Cvt Fldr of NedG 2 Wve 1.0.3
   SophisWve BatchCvt 1.0.2
   Cvt Fldr of W00 2 Wve 1.01

Utility to collect individual (.Wve) weaves into a Weave Library (.WLib):
   WvesToWLib & WvesToWLibFname

Utilities to run Staubli punches via a serial connection:
   Staubli DOBBY punch, v1.07
   Staubli 1344 punch, v3.03, (Self-Extracting Archive)
  NOTE: if using with KeySpan USB to Serial adapters, you must install Keyspan's OS 9 drivers and NOT install the OS X drivers!

Standard Color Palettes

"JacqCAD MASTER Palettes" folder. This folder should be placed in the folder alongside your working copy of JacqCAD MASTER. The palettes in this folder are appended to JacqCAD's  Options >> Change Palette... menu. They include standard palettes used in EAT, Grosse and Weavette CAD systems as well as a set of palettes (SS...) which provide useful starting points for customized user palettes. If you wish to add your own custom palettes use File >> Save As... >> Palette, store the palette file in this folder and restart JacqCAD.

Standard Palettes

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