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Keyboard Shortcuts

Hold down the Command Key while pressing the following keys:

Key Function Menu
A Select / Deselect All Edit
B Draw Boundary Edit
opt-B Draw Outside Boundary
ctrl-B Draw Pattern (Brush) Boundary
opt-ctrl-B Draw Outside Pattern (Brush) Boundary
C Copy Edit
D Save Snapshot File
E Erase / Clear Edit
F Find Special
G Find Next Special
H Histogram Measure
I Get Info File
J Expansion Weave
K Assign Weaves Weave
L Assign Boxes Weave
M Mask on/off Special
opt-M Edit/Create Mask Special
N New File
O Open File
opt-O Scaled Open
P Print File
opt-P Print without Half Toning (B/W printer only)
Q Quit File
R Repeat view Options
S Save File
opt-S Save All
T Text Options
U Paint Fill Edit
cntrl-U Brush Fill
V Paste Edit
W Close File
opt-W Close All
X Cut Edit
Y Show Paste Control Edit
Z Undo Edit
1 Go to bookmark 1 Windows
opt-1 Set bookmark 1
2 Go to bookmark 2 Windows
opt-2 Set bookmark 2
3 Go to bookmark 3 Windows
opt-3 Set bookmark 3
4 Go to bookmark 4 Windows
opt-4 Set bookmark 4
8 Replace Special
9 Replace All Special
0 Restore Outline Special
` ~ Color Group - New Special
- Update Wve Overlay Weave
= Repeat last menu sel. Edit
[ Posterize Options
] Change Colors Options
\ Undo outline change Special
; Cvt Sel to Weave Weave
. > Cancel process
, < Set Selection (floater) Edit
' " Update Repeats Window Options


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